Thailand Manta Project

Through multi-faceted research Thailand Manta Project (Est. 2015) is working to shed light on Thailand’s manta population, and the threats that are impacting them. Using photo-identification methods and field observations the project is building a comprehensive database of individual manta rays, allowing manta distribution to be mapped across Thailand’s waters. Thailand Manta Project works closely with and engage local communities, businesses and the Thai government, to help raise awareness on the ecological and economic importance of protecting manta rays and their habitat. Investigating the manta ray fishery in Thailand is an equally important aspect of the project’s research.


This data will be available by the end of 2020.

The goal

With this film we inspire and activate divers to contribute to the research by submitting pictures of manta rays in Thai waters. We call this citizen science, because each diver can contribute with their own footage to a bigger goal; create value for living manta rays as a sustainable natural resource for the tourism industry.

The future

Over time, the collected data will enable Thailand Manta Project to make an estimation of population size and highlight trends in behaviour, movements, life history and identify areas of critical habitat use. Which will be used to protect these beautiful species and their habitat better in the near future.