about us


who we are

We are Moceanblue. A video and photo content production company specialized in telling stories about the ocean. Our goal is to increase awareness about the current state of our oceans. To do this, we connect local projects and commercial organizations – uniting these parties through a shared passion for our oceans and adding value to their own work through branded video and photography content.

our mission

Our umbrella goal is to involve more and more people and businesses in conserving the nature. With every local project and every connection we make, our impact grows. Why do we believe in embracing local projects? The people involved are more committed, have relevant knowledge and can act quicker – increasing and accelerating our impact.


During our travels, and diving expeditions, we noticed how expansive the environmental crisis surrounding our oceans is. We knew that with our professional experience and passion for our work could be used to work towards a better, and more blue, future. And thus, Moceanblue was founded…