Seaweed Farmers

The Seaweed farmers want to contribute to a cleaner and a healthier planet. Their mission is to harvest seaweed to filter seawater and offset CO2. The seaweed they grow is used for bioplastics and as a natural fertiliser on bulb fields, demonstrating the value of seaweed as part of a circular economy. Without any waste. The farm also provides a wildlife haven for fishes and birdlife.


Will be visible after the crowdfunding campaign. More info soon!

The goal

The film will be used for the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for the Seaweed Farmers. The goal is to activate the crowd to invest in a local seaweed farm. By doing that, people and companies can reduce and/or compensate their CO2 emissions.

The future

In the upcoming year, The Seaweed Farmers’ goal is to scale up from one to ten seaweed farms. They need support of individuals and businesses to realise this.