Johan’s Water Tale

“Johan’s Water Tale” is the personal story of Johan. His dedication to the nature reserve where he lives and his hobbies: photographing birds. We’ve produced this film because Johan sets an inspiring example for others to reconsider their role as humans within Earth’s existing ecosystem. We visualize the beauty of untouched Dutch nature and its vulnerability. The barn owl functions as the symbol of this story; therefore we collaborated with the Barn Owls Workgroup Foundation Netherlands on this project.


This data will be available in 2020.

The goal

Johan’s story proves that each human can make a major positive impact on the environment. We want to inspire people to think for themselves and create new ways to, even on an individual level, support a sustainable future.

The future

Johan’s Water Tale is the first film in the Water Tale series. With this series we want share personal stories from people who have a strong connection with water and protecting it. Take a look in our stories shop to find more personal stories that are under development.